Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning about learning analytics

I have been at the 1st International Learning Analytics conference in Banff over the past two days and it has been an eye opener to the power of analytics. Not just to enhance efficiency of educational institutions, but also to help learners in their learning and researchers and educators in getting an understanding in the dynamics in class rooms and on networks. I will write more about the most interesting points later.

For now I have included the link to the presentation at the conference by Helene Fournier and me that tells a bit more about our use of analytics in our MOOC research. If you prefer a different format, Doug Clow has been tapping away on his live-blog and given a near verbatim account of the event.You can find the link here.


  1. Thank you, Rita, for sharing your slides. I attended your session and I am in the same place on figuring how to use learning and network analytics with traditional research methods.

    Any more posts on this would be great!

    Kelly Edmonds

  2. Thank you Welsh, Excellent post… was just what I was looking for! Thanks again. Learning Analytics