Thursday, December 9, 2010

Active participation - lurking on PLENK

It is a while that we had the last PLENK2010 session, but quite an interesting debate has flared up about the importance (or not) of active participation in Massive Open Online courses such as #PLENK2010. You might have seen George Siemens' blog post and comments, and the ones that followed by Jenny Mackness and John Mak .To learn more from PLENK participants on this issue, Helene Fournier and I hoped participants would not be quite 'surveyed out' yet and would be willing to fill out one of the two surveys below.

NRC researchers would like to invite Active Participants in PLENK2010 to fill out a survey on their experiences in this Massive Open Online Course. Active participants include learners who actively contributed to discussion forums in the course Moodle, blogs, twitter, social networking sites, and in the sharing and production of artifacts. The Active Participant Survey can be found here

NRC researchers would like to invite PLENK2010 Lurkers to fill out a survey on their experiences in this Massive Open Online Course. Lurking is defined in this context as passive attention, silent participation, and/or self-directed learning. There has been a lot of interesting discussion on the topic of lurking on the BlogSphere so we would like to explore the issues a bit more through this survey. The PLENK2010 Lurker survey can be found here

The research team thanks you in advance for your invaluable contribution to the research! Contact Helene Fournier ( for any further inquiries about the surveys or the research.


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  2. Thanks Heli, just sent another tweet out.