Friday, September 5, 2008

Conectivism course

CCK08 Too busy writing academic papers for so long that I had forgotten about my blog. The new course by George Siemens and Stephen Downes on connectivism has awakened my interest in blogging again and made that I get involved in their venture. So far 1600 people worldwide interested in the subject of Connectivism have signed up and the course is in 4 languages. As always the start of a new online course is a bit confusing as you have to figure out how and where to find the most important materials and features on the course. A wiki has been set up the bring researchers interested in the subject together, which is interesting. The problem with global courses of course is that they are global and that people in different time zones get up and go to bed at different times, which makes it difficult for all to get involved in synchronous communication. The first session for instance is in Winnipeg at 19.00 , which means in Swansea UK it will be 1am and not such a good time for me to take in anything about connectivism. I expect though that George will have arranged something as usual to make sure that the Illuminate event will be recorded somehow. I wonder how the session will work. The last one that I was involved in was last year at the connectivism conference with 120 people and the volume of people then caused all sorts of technical problems. See how it goes this time. Good of George and Stephen to take on a project like this. Lucky for them only a small group wanted to get involved in the accredited version of the course. Can you imagine marking 1600 essays or blog entries?

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