Sunday, November 5, 2006

Getting back to the blog with a vengeance

I just realised how fast the time flies after looking at my first blog entry in June 2006. Currently really enjoying teaching the post-graduate course 'ICT in Society'. The students on the MA in Lifelong Learning are all very keen to learn about the new online developments and seem very surprised about Web 2.0 developments. Surprisingly enough although most students are over 30 years old, they have embraced taking part in the discussion forum, have set up their own MySpace sites and are involved in using a WIKI for knowledge construction. Prensky's paper on digital natives and digital immigrants has been thought and discussion provoking! On several occasions I have had to adjust my f2f teaching as their online discussion of papers found on the course site during the week has gone much further than I anticipated. The use of has been very useful and given students options for the exploration of popular course-related papers.

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